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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Destruction of a Blonde 3

Mousy secretary Tanya Danielle ekes out a quiet existence working long hours for an accounting firm. Often she leaves for the office before dawn and doesn't return home until long after dark. On a recent Thursday night she is reading in her living room before retiring for bed, but the loud music pumping through the walls of an adjoining unit is making her eyeballs shake inside her head. She has complained about these particular neighbors to the management once before. Afterward the noisy tenants had responded with stony silence when she had offered timid greetings to them in the parking garage. Tanya does not want to further provoke their ire by calling the manager again so she decides to go next door and politely request that they reduce the volume of their music. With determination she cinches the belt to her pink robe more tightly around her waist, puts on some slippers, and goes on her mission. She has to rap on the door five times before she can get her neighbors' attention. Finally the door flies open and Tanya is gazing directly into the cleavage of beautiful, busty Christina Carter. Christina glares at her. Tanya shrinks away from her gaze but steels herself to speak. Before she can do so Christina yanks her by the arm and drags her into the apartment. The music throbs. Over the din Tanya hears the voice of another woman and she turns to see Christina's stunning roommate, Emily Addison, spinning around a stripper pole and asking Christina if "their nosy bitch neighbor" is complaining about the music again. Christina smiles malevolently and nods her head. "Let's teach her a lesson." Emily says as a lewd sneer spreads across her deceptively angelic face. Mere moments later the two roommates have stripped Tanya to her underwear and tied her to their stripper pole with the belt from her robe. They take turns feeling up her breasts and raking their fingernails across her taut, sensitive belly. Initially Tanya feels nothing but stark horror. Soon, however, the beat of the music starts to sink into her soul and she finds herself responding with arousal to the rough caresses of her captors. After a few minutes they begin kissing her and rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her pink panties. Tanya moans with desire and they move her to a bed where Emily intends to bring her to a breathtaking climax. Christina, however, has other plans. She loves to stimulate women until they reach the very brink of orgasm and then throttle them into oblivion. Christina and Emily pleasure Tanya for a few more minutes, making her writhe around on the bedsheets and moan in ecstasy. Just as Tanya is about to explode Christina locks her arms around the buxom blonde's neck in a ruthless, inescapable chokehold.. Will Emily join in on the denouement of their neighbor? Or will she herself perhaps become the next victim of Christina's lascivious wrath?? Buy Destruction of a Blonde 3 at to find out now!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Sexfight in the Hills

Los Angeles native Kristal Summers has grown a bit weary of the two-faced, mercenary women who seem to overpopulate the sunny, sprawling city where she lives. Over the years she has encountered every type of back-stabbing bitch imaginable. By the time she meets Tanya Danielle at a local gym Kristal has lost her desire to even try making new female friends. As the months pass by she notices that Tanya seems different than most of the women she knows. Tanya shows up at the gym each day wearing baggy sweats, a ball cap, and headphones. She continually rebuffs the advances of the men who try to approach her, but does so in a polite, detached manner. One morning Kristal catches Tanya checking her out as both women are showering in the nearly deserted locker room. On impulse Kristal asks Tanya if she would like to hang out sometime. Tanya readily agrees and they plan to relax and have some drinks in Kristal's hot tub later in the day. At 4pm Tanya arrives at Kristal's place. Things immediately get hot and heavy. So much for friendship: these women want to have sizzling, orgasmic lesbian sex! The buzzing of Kristal's cellphone interrupts their enjoyment of a long, lingering kiss. "Just a sec.." Kristal says softly as she disengages herself from Tanya and steps away to check her messages. In the next moment Kristal finds herself reading a text message from her boyfriend, Sean, who reveals his awareness of Tanya's visit. "She is a good lay." he types to Kristal. "I had her last night." Kristal feels her heartbeat accelerate and, without pausing to collect her thoughts, throws down the phone, marches over to the couch, and jerks Tanya to her feet by her hair. "You are just a good-for-nothing tramp like all the rest of them!" she snarls in Tanya's face. A horrific catfight ensues. The relentless barrage of scratching, hair pulling, breast clawing, nipple twisting, choking, pussy mauling, facesitting, and belly punching exhausts both women. After 15 minutes of pure, non-stop physical exertion neither of them has gained the upper hand. They separate from one another and sprawl on the floor. Only the sound of their heavy breathing breaks the silence in the room. They avoid each others' eyes. Finally, and with genuine puzzlement in her voice, Tanya asks: "What are we fighting about anyways?" Kristal feels another surge of anger rise inside of her. In a tight voice she recounts the gist of Sean's text message. Tanya stares at her. She seems so genuinely mystified that Kristal starts to wonder if Sean had just made everything up. All of a sudden both blondes burst out laughing. "We were fighting over a guy?" Tanya asks incredulously. "If we are going to fight then let's fight over something worthwhile." Now it's Kristal's turn to stare. Tanya smiles wickedly. "I challenge you to a sexfight in the hot tub: whoever makes the other woman cum harder wins the battle.."

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Belly & Boob Punching Blowout

Curvaceous Tanya Danielle has finally recovered her psychological equanimity long after completing her spectacular Belly Punching Blowout versus Mercedes Ashley. Now she is ready to take on the equally ferocious Christine Dupree. This time, however, the ladies have agreed to settle their differences in a brutal contest which features both belly AND boob punching! Which combatant will pack the hardest punch? And, equally important, which busty competitor can take the most pain?! Buy Belly and Boob Punching Blowout at now to find out..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Destruction of a Blonde

Civil rights attorney Tanya Danielle is staying at a corporate apartment on business. She goes to a local tavern one evening and engages in a conversation with a sexy bartender named Francesca. As Tanya becomes progressively inebriated she reveals to Francesca that she has always dreamt of being ravaged by a beautiful, strap-on wielding lesbian. Francesca lets Tanya know that she has first-hand experience and would like to help her realize her fantasy. After stumbling back to her building Tanya falls into a heavenly slumber, enjoying an endless series of sex-filled dreams. The following night Tanya returns to the bar and is already having a drink when Francesca comes in to begin her shift. The two women talk some more and seem to really enjoy each others' company. The more they talk, the hornier Tanya gets. Just before leaving she tells the luscious bartender to meet her at her apartment after her shift is over. She then hands Francesca a key and says "I think I have everything we need." Unfortunately Tanya has no way of knowing that Francesca is a psychotic predator obsessed with seducing beautiful, busty blondes. Francesca's pathological nature emerges once she knows the women are completely under her control. As soon as she has them crying for more she gets off by becoming rougher, inflicting pain, and then totally annihilating her prey as their sexual romp evolves into a sadistic beatdown. Francesca possesses both great strength and tremendous skill in wrestling. Her tipsy, blonde conquests have absolutely no chance against her. In this shocking video we see Francesca ripping apart Tanya's clothes, binding her wrists, and stimulating her extremely sensitive belly and breasts. Just as Tanya is reaching ecstasy Francesca begins subjecting her to numerous excruciating wrestling holds and endless blows to her midsection. Francesca then drags her victim into the living room where she ties her spread-eagled on the floor. Tanya is still reeling from the shock of discovering that Francesca wants to turn their sexual tryst into a ruthless game of domination. When she first sees her captor putting on a strap-on dildo she feels emotions ranging from desperation to arousal to hideous fear. Soon it becomes clear that Francesca intends to plunder every erogenous zone on the front of Tanya's trembling body, including her breasts, belly button, and pussy.. (This is a softcore video.)

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Behind the Scenes #4

These behind-the-scenes and blooper photos (in which the toilet makes an unplanned appearance) of Francesca Le and me were taken during the shooting of belly fetish video Destruction of a Blonde. Join to see the Behind-the-Scenes #4 gallery in its entirety now!

XO Tanya


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scream Queen #4

Ultra-curvy fetish model Summer Cummings has always wanted to appear in a good old-fashioned horror flick. In this homage to the busty scream queens of yore her best pal Tanya Danielle helps her to indulge in these fantasies During filming Summer becomes incredibly stimulated when Tanya's weapon repeatedly penetrates her belly button and bodacious breasts. Buy this hot clip to see Summer exploring her erogenous zones in an entirely new way!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Destruction of a Blonde - Part 2

After subjecting the stunned Tanya Danielle to numerous incapacitating wrestling holds and belly punches (see Part 1) sexual predator Francesca Le drags her victim into the living room where she ties her spread-eagled on the floor. Tanya is still reeling from the shock of discovering that Francesca wants to turn their sexual tryst into a ruthless game of domination. When she sees her captor putting on a strap-on dildo she feels emotions ranging from desperation to arousal to hideous fear. Soon it becomes clear that Francesca intends to plunder every erogenous zone on the front of Tanya's trembling body, including her breasts, belly button, and pussy..

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